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Jason Er
Co-founder & CEO

Christopher Tsakok
Co-founder & CTO

About SuperHedge

SuperHedge is an automated DeFi Structured Vaults (DSV) that provides investors with 100% principal-protection, fixed-interest weekly coupons, and self-custodied ownership of tradable NFTs. With SuperHedge’s DSV, investors can easily and passively invest in NFT Structured Notes (NFT-SN), express directional views, hedge against downside risk using options strategies, and improve portfolio diversification while earning yield.

The Problem

One of the biggest challenges for crypto investors is the high volatility of the market. As a result, investors are often exposed to the risk of losing their principal amount. This is partly due to the lack of principal-protected products that offer directional exposure, and the absence of a secondary market liquidity for such products. Additionally, many investors lack a general understanding of how to execute options-based strategies, leading them to suffer from FOMO during bullish markets and fear of losing money when the market turns volatile and bearish.

The Solution

SuperHedge offers a 100% Principal-Protected DeFi Structured Vaults (DSV) that addresses these challenges by enabling investors to easily access Crypto structured products and express their market views safely. With Superhedge’s DSV, investors receive regular fixed-interest coupon payouts and retain self-custody of their NFTs representing their deposits. Additionally, Superhedge’s secondary marketplace allows investors to trade their NFTs and unlock liquidity before maturity.

Demo Day (July 13th, 2023)

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