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Space Protocol

Joel Gheen

Peter Borovykh
DeFi Tech Lead

Josh Caleb
Bus Developer

Raghav Mathur
Founder / Advisor

Raj Kaliaperumal
Infrastructure / Tech Ops

About Space Protocol

Space Protocol offers a decentralized financing mechanism that enables companies to move away from the historically restrictive and/or expensive cost of capital required for purchasing hardware. Instead, they can operate within a web3.0 market where the performance of the asset directly and immediately impacts the company’s ability to grow. Both liquidity providers and companies are bound in an agreement that focuses on asset performance.

The Problem

Companies that manufacture and sell services related to hard or real-world assets such as IOT hardware, high-end computing hardware, and others, have traditionally financed their operations through equity or debt financing. The former is expensive, and the latter is highly restrictive and does not scale with the company.

The Solution

Space Protocol provides a marketplace where revenue-generating real-world assets can be procured and operated through a decentralized financing mechanism. The solution uses revenue or a steady stream of payments from these assets as collateral against financing for purchasing new assets. This approach enables companies to break free from traditional financing methods and operate in a more cost-effective and scalable way.

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