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Moonbeam Accelerator

Top-notch support for teams that are building on the Moonbeam smart contract platform or looking to get started on it.

We focus on accelerating early-stage and growth-stage startups by reinforcing their core skills in areas like technology, business, marketing, financial, and fundraising.

Come learn how to create cross-chain connected apps and unleash your full potential.


About Moonbeam

Moonbeam Network is a parachain pioneer on cross-chain connected contracts that offers a simplified ecosystem for developers to make the interoperability possible by combining full Ethereum compatibility with the power of Polkadot.

Connected smart contracts use secure message passing techniques to create cross-chain connected apps that unite functionality from many blockchains in one cohesive user experience. Unifying access to users, assets, and services from Ethereum, Avalanche, Cosmos, Polkadot — and beyond. All from one application interface.

10 weeks of online training

Learn from the best, get professional guidance, improve your knowledge and be part of Moonbeam Network’s multichain technology.



Registration deadline: February 19th, 2023

Application phase:

You must fill in the form in a complete and fully accurate manner. Please, be honest with your answers, as our team will cross-check the data.

Contact phase:

If you pass the first filter, we will schedule a meeting to learn more about your project. If your project passes the second filter you will have a second live interview with the Moonbeam Team.


On early March, we will communicate the 10 best qualified candidates who will be part of the Moonbeam Accelerator program according to their goals and purposes.

Selected startups will be onboarded in early March 2023.

The process consists in:
Welcoming the selected startups
Introduction to Moonbeam’s ecosystem
Mentors matchmaking
Access to the learning platform containing all available on-demand content
Presentation of additional benefits and instructions

March 20th – June 11th

Rokk3r’s Company Building Bootcamp

Library of content and tools focused on validation (problem, solution, value proposition, market appetite, messaging, etc.). The goal is to build the backbone of any tech-based startup and is industry and market agnostic. It is comprised of instructional videos, tools and templates and, in combination with Rokk3r’s live mentorship, is a key differentiator of our accelerator program.

Exclusive Mentorship

The selected teams will be coached by global experienced leaders and professionals. The teams will participate on:

  • Weekly sessions with Rokk3r’s bootcamp mentors.
  • Office hours with instructors and experts
  • Private meetings with assigned mentors
  • Pitch training sessions
  • Mastermind: networking among teams
  • Case study sessions
Blockchain Masterclassess
  • Library of pre-recorded classes covering topics like coding, smart contracts, tokenomics, security, liquidity, marketing for blockchain companies, fundraising, etc.
  • Live sessions: all of the instructors of the masterclasses will be available for office hours to answer questions and help the teams implement the theory to their specific project.

July 7th, 2023

After receiving mentorship and training sessions, selected teams will pitch to investors, aiming to raise capital for their projects.
Presenting to dozens of blockchain investors around the world
Connecting with investors and raise money in real-time
Online modality via Stonks
Online pitch


Virtual meetups and masterminds with peers and other alumni
Advise and intros to potential partners and investors
Participation in virtual and in-person events of the Moonbeam community
Participation in other Moonbeam Accelerator programs as mentors or subject matter experts

Moonbeam Accelerator’s ecosystem

An acceleration program that relies on three main edges.

Moonbeam Network

Learn the benefits of growing your project on the most innovative parachain based on Polkadot and Ethereum-compatible.


We count with the participation of experts and instructors from different areas who train the startups and expand their development.

Rokk3r’s Company Building Experience

Builders first. With 10+ years of company building experience, we know what founders need and how to support them.



Do I need to have a product developed on Moonbeam to apply to Moonbeam Accelerator’s program?

The acceleration program is open to any company that either has a product on Moonbeam Network, or is willing to use Moonbeam for its upcoming development.

What level of “maturity” or development stage is required for startups to participate?

We will consider projects in idea stage and early stage (seed to Series A).

  • For teams in idea stage: The acceleration program will teach you how to validate your idea and help you develop your first MVP on Moonbeam Network.
  • For teams that have an off-chain product, that is, that are not currently using any blockchain but plan to do so: This program will help you make the jump from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.
  • For teams already using a blockchain for their product, though not on the Moonbeam platform: This accelerator will help you transition to Moonbeam and open the doors to its entire ecosystem.

What industries are considered for the acceleration program?

All industries will be considered for selection, as long as there is a clear business case for building the project on Moonbeam’s parachain.

What are the terms of the initial funding?

Each selected company will receive a cash investment from Arrington Capital upon joining the program. The investment will be in exchange for tokens and/or equity – exact terms will be negotiated depending on the stage of maturity of each company.
Additionally, as a courtesy, Rokk3r and its partners will provide selected companies with a package of services and discounts worth 15,000+ USD.

Is the program open to global teams?

We welcome teams from all over the world.

Who is Rokk3r?

Rokk3r is the mind behind the accelerator. With 10+ years of company building experience and a hands-on mentorship style, Rokk3r designs and runs all main aspects of the accelerator program from recruitment to demo day.

Know more here.

Is the Demo Day guaranteed for all companies?

Companies that show they are ready to have conversations with investors will be invited to pitch at the Demo Day.

What is the selection process like?

Inscriptions are open until February 19th, 2023. Shortlisted projects will be contacted for an interview. After a second round of evaluation, selected teams will be invited for a second interview. Finally, we will notify each team about the final results via e-mail.

What will the 10-week accelerator program’s modality be?

The 10-week accelerator program will be 100% online. Educational content wil be pre-recorded and available on-demand. In addition, teams will have live sessions (at 11 AM or 2 PM EST) with instructors, mentors and companies to discuss any questions or doubts. We will record the classes but we want to you to be fully available and be part of the live sessions.

What if English is not my first language?

We count with multiple mentors, from different nationalities. So knowing English may be a requirement considering that:

  • The second interview process is in English.
  • The program is 100% virtual and asynchronous. All classes and live sessions will be in English.
  • For Demo Day, pitches must be presented in English.

Are there companies currently using Moonbeam Network?

Yes, there are hundreds of companies that have been built using Moonbeam in sectors such as: Infrastructure, Stock Market, Supply Chains, Identity, Stablecoins, Government/Public Sector, Insurance, Environmental, Videogames, DeFi, Financial Institutions, Digital Assets, etc.

To learn more about our successful case studies, click here.

Does Moonbeam offer technical support and documentation to programmers?

Yes. Moonbeam Network provides documentation, tutorials, articles, a forum and metrics. All these resources are crucial for the development of the minimum viable product (MVP) that each team will have to present on the Demo Day.

Access all the materials on this link.

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