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Become an expert on Moonbeam’s Ethereum-compatibility and its fast growing parachain built on Polkadot and learn more about the new program, Moonbeam Accelerator.

What is Moonbeam?

Moonbeam is a parachain for the Polkadot ecosystem that enhances the developer deployment experience by providing access to Ethereum tools and infrastructure, as well as unique features such as on-chain governance, forkless upgrades, and native cross-chain integrations.

With Moonbeam, developers can create or re-deploy Solidity and Vyper-based DApps and extend them with native cross-chain communications within a modern Substrate-based PoS environment.


250+ projects have been built on Moonbeam Netwok. Startups are using its cross-chain technology to grow their businesses focusing on different areas, such as DeFi, NFT or Gaming.


Gain instant access to useful assets. Get the resources you need to create new smart contracts with Vyper and Solidity, or learn how to re-deploy existing ones on Moonbeam.


Get the information you need by diving into the tools, integrations, and comprehensive tutorials provided by Moonbeam Network. Learn how to build on our ecosystem, become a collator, use your tokens with wallets/DApps or earn rewards through staking.


Watch and learn how to build interconnected dApps using Moonbeam’s connected contracts and interoperate with any chain at any time, including Polkadot, Ethereum, Cosmos and Avalanche.


Tips from experienced partners

Meet the organizations behind Moonbean Accelerator. Explore our program from a new perspective and discover our purpose, motivation, and recommendations.

What sets us apart?

Watch this video featuring Lorenzo de Leo, partner at Rokk3r, to learn more about our program and get tips for applicants. You’ll also discover our unique offerings: bootcamps and masterclasses led by industry professionals to ensure the success of your project.

Why apply?

In this video, Derek Yoo, CEO of PureStake, outlines two key benefits for participants: upfront investment and specialized training. Hear from Derek about the opportunity to build and grow your startup within the Moonbeam ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this chance to take your venture to the next level!

How to succeed in our program?

Listen to Keli Callaghan, CGO at Arrington Capital, as she discusses why they chose to be a part of Moonbeam and how they aim to support impactful, straightforward, and professional projects that strive to bring about change. Also, learn about the ideal candidate for the program.

Who’s building connected contracts

If you’re still wondering why you should consider using the Moonbeam Network, take a look at some of the successful case studies featuring decentralized applications that have achieved a major breakthrough in usability. These applications allow users to easily access the functionality of any token on any blockchain from a single application, representing a significant advance in the field.

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