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The Great Escape

Marin Enault

Théo Coulomb
Game Director

Martin Damour

About The Great Escape

The Great Escape is on a mission to democratise blockchain gaming by making it simple and accessible for existing and future cryptocurrency holders. Unlike many NFT-based games, The Great Escape aims to create bridges between DeFi and NFT projects based on multiple chains, ultimately educating gamers to DeFi and vice-versa while creating powerful synergies in tomorrow’s multi-chain future.

The Problem

With the unprecedented boom of GameFi projects in 2021, many were built on unsustainable tokenomic models and unrealistic goals of building a 3D metaverse. This resulted in complaints from players that the games were underwhelming, too difficult and/or too boring. Furthermore, many struggled to understand the underlying tokenomics/DeFi mechanisms behind the game economy. As a result, most traditional cryptocurrency holders and DeFi users found blockchain-based games either uninteresting or too complicated to understand. This led to an increased compartmentalisation between active DeFi and Gamefi users of Dapps. To make matters worse, gaming communities themselves are scattered around multiple blockchains and barely interact with each other.

The Solution

The Great Escape offers a simple and fun-to-play hyper-casual platformer game on Moonbeam, available on both browser and mobile app. Players use a GLMR Jungle NFT as their in-game avatar to engage in a race against time to collect fruits and kill enemies while dodging many traps. They can participate in tournaments, compete for weekly rewards and unlock achievements over time. The game rewards are distributed in GLMR, GLMB (our own token) and tokens from partner projects (NFT, DeFi) who receive a temporary game pass in exchange for their community members.

The Great Escape takes advantage of the EVM compatibility offered by Moonbeam, making the game smooth and gasless. Soon, the game will become multi-chain thanks to connected contracts. By making blockchain gaming accessible, The Great Escape brings together communities across multiple chains, creating synergies and educating gamers about DeFi. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, The Great Escape is the solution to the compartmentalisation of DeFi and Gamefi users.

Demo Day (July 13th, 2023)

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