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Kapil Sinha

Natalie Chea
Product / Strategy Lead & First Employee

About Koingaroo

Koingaroo is a revolutionary platform that aims to solve the challenges associated with accessing the best decentralized finance (DeFi) strategies across multiple blockchain networks.

The Problem

Accessing the best DeFi strategies across chains is nearly impossible. Users want to earn yield in their own wallet and from the protocols they know are reliable, not from custodial wrappers and vaults on top of them. But they need to use bridge, swap, and protocol apps just to deploy their capital into one DeFi strategy. For those new to DeFi, most give up and HODL. For those native to DeFi, their weekly DCA into multiple chains becomes a tedious 30 minute Sunday chore.

The Solution

Koingaroo enables users to do self-custodial investing across chains in 60 seconds.

Here’s the new user flow with Koingaroo:

  1. Select self-custody strategies on multiple chains
  2. Allocate funds to each strategy
  3. Pay in a supported token on any chain

Within 60 seconds, all those investments end up in the user’s wallet. Unlike in yield aggregators and vaults, there is no smart contract risk. The user can still go to each dApp and can interact with their investments (e.g. claiming rewards, withdrawing tokens) as before.

Demo Day (July 13th, 2023)

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