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Chandra Bhushan Singh
Co Founder & COO

Rachit Magon
Co Founder& CEO

Muiz Nadeem
Co Founder & Technology

Neha Alreja
Head Of Growth

Surya Singh
Co Founder & CTO

About AirLyFt

Kyte.One understands the importance of community and engagement for the growth of blockchain projects. As a result, they have developed AirLyft, a platform that enables projects to view their entire user engagement on a single page and make strategic decisions based on the available data. But what sets AirLyft apart is its focus on ensuring the legitimacy of users joining and following the group, eliminating the use of scripted bots or multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage.

The Problem

The blockchain industry is excellent at creating innovative products, but often struggles with marketing and expanding their community. This can lead to a lack of momentum and a flattened growth curve, hindering the success of the project. Additionally, the use of bots or multiple accounts in contests can demotivate genuine community members from participating, taking away from the value of the project.

The Solution

AirLyft, developed by Kyte.One, addresses various pain points in the blockchain industry. It features a reward locking mechanism that allows projects to use their existing tokens/NFTs as rewards, which are locked safely on-chain to ensure users receive their rewards if they win and projects don’t have to worry about distribution. Additionally, AirLyft is the only growth platform that enables users to create their own ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens, which can be used as on-chain proof of participation, offering opportunities for project incentivization.

Moreover, AirLyft interacts with smart contracts to validate user activity, enabling organizations to create learn-to-earn campaigns and reward users based on the activities they perform on the organization’s dApp. The platform supports over 35 different tasks, including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, REST APIs, Blockchain explorers, and integrations with indexers through GraphQL. AirLyft also offers exposable API & webhooks, which projects can leverage for custom features. For instance, launchpads can use webhooks to whitelist users for performing specific social actions, making it the only platform in the market that enables projects to verify actions on multiple blockchains in a single campaign. Overall, AirLyft is a versatile and innovative platform that can help any blockchain project looking to boost community engagement and growth.

Demo Day (July 13th, 2023)

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