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Cactus Finance

Jakob Schillinger

Chris Pugh

About Cactus Finance

Cactus Finance is an innovative platform that aims to bridge the widening skill gap between everyday investors and DeFi strategists. For investors, Cactus offers a range of vault products that represent unique, oftentimes uncorrelated strategies designed by seasoned money managers that retail investors otherwise would not have access to. For money managers, Cactus provides infrastructure for automating their strategies using smart contracts, giving them the efficiency of hedge-fund tooling. Cactus also enables them to attract capital to their strategies without the hassle of taking custody of investors’ funds.

The Problem

The DeFi ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace, creating a significant skill gap between everyday investors and DeFi strategists. This gap limits the access investors have to profitable DeFi strategies, hindering their earning potential. Money managers face challenges when trying to share their strategies due to yield compression and taking custody of investors’ funds. This creates a challenging environment that often incentivizes money managers not to share their strategies unless for nefarious reasons, making it challenging for everyday investors to access profitable strategies.

The Solution

Cactus Vaults, with its innovative approach to bridging the skill gap, offers DeFi users easy access to sophisticated strategies developed by seasoned DeFi strategists. The approachable vault products are often orchestrated across multiple applications, making them accessible to a broader range of investors. The platform aligns incentives between strategists and investors through a classic performance-fee on the gains of capital allocated to the strategy, while a reputation system encourages appropriate risk-taking. With Cactus, anyone can share and benefit from hedge fund strategies, regardless of their level of expertise.